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About Us


About Us

Established in 1998, A & R Computers, LLC has been providing computer solutions to our customers since then. From installing our first Server-client network at Starr County Juvenile Detention Office in 1999 to installing the first network at Starr County District Clerk’s Office in 1999 to digitize every document that was being filed to the courts since then.  A & R Computers, LLC has been on the cutting edge on technology, data recovery, wireless network, networking and installation of operating system on Windows and Apple platforms. With 20 years of experience on setting up Server-Client networks, Wireless communications, Cat 5, 5e, and 6 to data recovery from a formatted hard drive, replacing a simple screen on an iPad device just to name a few.  A & R Computers, LLC has the experience to help you. Come and give us a chance to be your Information Solution Provider for all of your computer needs. 


What is our motivation?


Simple, our customers.  At A & R Computers, LLC, we love to see our customer’s reaction once their devices have been fixed. Their satisfaction, their joy, their expressions say it all. Repairing a device gives us the same joy it first gave us that summer of 1998. To see our customer smile, to see their satisfaction, to see them happy that says it all, that is what drives our company.


Close the deal


At A & R Computes, LLC our goal is to meet and exceed our customer’s expertise. We will go to any length to gain the trust and loyalty of our customers because at the end if it were not for our customers, A & R Computers, LLC would have never been what it is. 

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